45th President of These united States of America

America first

Bill Clinton Ogles Melania Trump as Hillary Looks On!

“Revolution Or Death”

Rachel Maddow Says Trump’s Speech Was ‘Hard to Hear’ Because ‘It Was Militant and It Was Dark’

Seriously, these people are mentally ill:

I mentioned to my wife after Trump won the presidency: “Have you noticed that Trump won the election and it is now raining here in drought stricken California?” She says: “Yes, and everything smells so clean.”

Folks, it’s not over. And now is not the time to sleep. You can count on TP’sTB to react violently. My Sifu from many years ago told us: “Everywhere you are, everywhere you stand… own it.” Every one of you need to start owning it. And if you are, or are not, a praying man and woman… pray. We have been SHEEPLE for to long.


Seriously? Schools reportedly to black out Trump’s inaugural address

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