They Want To Murder You… Really.

The American Left will side with anyone against Christian Whites, even though many of them are Christian Whites. They think, stupidly, that by getting out in front of the issue of cultural change they will save themselves from the Islamists when the beheadings begin. The truth is, they will probably be first, because the rest of the Christian Whites are armed.

With ISIS Flags Waving


Muttering about grass blades and apocryphal quotes from Japanese naval personnel will not be sufficient.


Do not cross the champions of unlimited Muslim immigration


And just a note, I’m working getting on back on Twitter… but I’m not going to kiss their ass to do it. I’ve been kicked there before, and got back on. The only reason why I use it, although it is not Alt-Right friendly, is because I can get into direct confrontation a lot easier than on Gab and the enemies are easier to identify.

‘Ghost Banning’ on Facebook & Twitter?

And just a reminder: My Sifu from years ago used to tell us, “Everywhere you are, everywhere you stand… own it.” Or, if you prefer, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” Same thing.

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