“Safe Zones”

What “Syria Safe Zones” are: Where Assad and Russia IS NOT, and U.S. Military Forces ARE… including the Masters of Chaos, the CIA.

In his first few days in office, President Trump has perhaps avoided one interventionist pitfall, but not another.

Those last five countries (and Yemen and Iran), are on Trump’s executive order banning travel by their citizens to the US. In the weird world of John McCain and his neoconservative cohorts, the ban will stoke terrorism against the US, but commando raids, bombs, and drone strikes are met with no-blowback equanimity by the raided, bombed, and droned.


Meanwhile: US Sends Military Supplies To Syrian Alliance In First Under Trump Admin

And just who in the f**k are these alliances? They are going the Balkanize Syria, and this internal/external war will be ongoing for a long time.

As a side note, posting may be light due to lower back going out again. That means pain scale 7 to 10. Or, as my wife puts it… a serious case of perpetually pissed off. Nothing can be done about it other than a disk replacement. The disk at S1/L5 is wasted. If any of my readers have had a disk replacement, or knows anyone who did, say it the last 12 years, how did it go? If I have it done, the VA will be doing it. And let’s just put it this way: If TSHTF right now, I would be toast.

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