Shouts of Allahu Akbar

Muslim rapists stood in court and shouted “Allahu Akbar!” after they were sentenced to prison for gang raping an 11 year-old girl in South Yorkshire.

The girl had a baby at age 12.



More via Gateway Pundit:

VIOLENT LEFTISTS Chase and Beat Man Unconscious at Berkeley Riots – Video

VIOLENT LEFTISTS Pepper Spray Female Trump Supporter During Berkeley Riots – Video

VIOLENT LEFTISTS RIOT, SET BLAZES, BUST WINDOWS, RAID ATMs on Berkeley Campus Outside Milo Speech – Video

Jonah Goldberg on Berkeley Riots: Milo Courts this Stuff, Feeds on it, Has Parasitic Relationship with Violent Mobs – Video

See? It’s your fault these snowflakes are rioting. If you just shut the hell up, stay home, crawl in your basement, we wouldn’t have these riots. And remember, if we were out there rioting like this, we would be labeled “Homegrown Extremists”. Oh, wait! We’re not out there protesting and rioting, and we’re still called “Homegrown Extremists”.

From Vox Populi:

Milo brings the chaos to Berkeley – ends his campus tour with a bang

The cucking intensifies

The DNC doubles down – because a Muslin shouldn’t be its next party leader

From WRSA:

Boy Whatever Scouts of America – Fundamental Transformation Continues

And as always – Use the links at Western Rifle Shooters Association

From Zero Hedge:

Trump Trolls Arnie’s “Total Disaster” Ratings, Says “The World Is In Trouble… I’ll Fix It”

Schwarzenegger Responds: “Hey Donald, Let’s Switch Jobs, Then People Can Finally Sleep Again”

Democrats Plot Protests At Trump’s Speech To Congress; Will “Refuse To Shake Hands” – How CUTE!

Here Is The “Open Letter” Google, Apple, Facebook And Others Are Sending To Donald Trump – Corporate (is People) Fascism – Lamenting that they want to give American jobs to foreigners.

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