Hapless Morons?

Yep. Because only one side has consistently displayed a willingness to get violent, right now, right here, despite the blatherings of the right about “Molon Labe,” and “From My Cold Dead Fingers,” etc…. Talk is cheap. It will be a number of blood baths, but 99% of the victims are NOT going to be the Leftist pseudo-Anarchists that are willing to fuck shit up, already, without quality weapons at their disposal.

These “hapless morons” are off their fucking couches

See: Direct Action. WRSA also picked this up here, where I was reading the comments. At least one commenter actually called these people “snowflakes”. I started to comment on that comment that while many of these protesters may be “snowflakes”, don’t make the mistake that they are all… “snowflakes”. Then, I thought to myself… why even bother and scrubbed my comment. W – T – F – U.

Oh, you may think they are idiots, and morons, and what-not… but they’re not all… weak.

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