Purging The Enemies Within Obama Loyalists Being Escorted Out Of The White House

Perhaps the most interesting part of this apparent purge of Obama loyalists and appointees, in positions to betray and work against the new administration, is how the mainstream media is avoiding the fact that the White House Security Chief, along with an unspecified number of members of the security/cyber security/information security, were not only “forced” to resign but were actually escorted out of the EEOB.

If the past year and a half has told us anything, it is that when the MSM doesn’t want something known, it is usually something “we the people” should know more about, so their avoidance of any major headlines regarding this, is quite worrisome.

Trump Purging

Or more specifically:

Trump isn’t creating a “deep state”, or a “shadow government”, in the way we know the “deep state” and the “shadow government”… he is circumventing it. And THAT has a lot of people scared, up in arms, and the very real possibility of THE deep state/shadow government coup… against Trump.

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