Have you ever heard of a Banana Republic?

Fellow American, I can tell you this: I have traveled through countries that lack the rule of law. I witnessed human misery that few Americans understand. I’ve watched human misery on a level that tears at my heart, years later. I’ve seen where brutal dictators and ruling class despots kill citizens without blinking an eye. In Saudi Arabia and that region, they ‘honor kill’ 20,000 women annually via Islamic law. They kill gays for being gay. They cut little girls. They chop peoples’ heads off and stone women to death for being a woman.

Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars

It is little understood by the general public how Public/Private Partnerships are actually used, not as a way to diminish the size of government, but in fact, to increase government’s power. In truth, many PPPs are nothing more than government-sanctioned monopolies.

The policy known as Sustainable Development

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