The Moral Molestation Of The Mind

Today, talk of sexual options are as common and varied as more and more abominable sexual behaviors are thrust in front of innocent, unsuspecting children in kindergarten. It has given new meaning to asking children if they have learned their ABC’s.

What is going on in our public schools is nothing less than moral molestation.
I hate to go old fashioned on you but there was a time in America when we took seriously the crime of corruption of a minor.

Or… the new and approved morals of the generation

Let’s be honest here. Would you rather your teenage son was caught smoking in the restroom or sucking on his classmate’s camel? What is wrong with us?


Remember the “Personnel Office”? I remember those days. Then one day I got called into the “Human Resources” office, and had to ask, “What is the Human Resources Office.”

I linked to this story below earlier with a short comment:

Millennials Are Struggling at Work – Most of the people my wife manages, are millennials. The stories she brings home are mind-boggling. I couldn’t do her job… I’d be in prison.

Millennials are struggling at work, because they are being coddled at work, and more specifically, they are being coddled by… Human Resources. And let me tell you, millennials know how to work the Human Resources Office. And seriously, many corporations have “sit ins” called, “How to work with today’s millennials”, which is really nothing more than, “How to accommodate the snowflake feelings of millennials”.


When I was just starting out in the world, I worked for a company that had an active human resources department. This was when HR was being overhauled to accommodate middle-aged women without useful skills. Companies were trying to “diversify” their management so they hired a bunch of women for their personnel departments, re-branded them as “human resources” and set them loose to get involved in things well outside the normal scope of corporate personnel departments.

Stalin’s Children via WRSA

While you are at it, mosey on over to The Gateway Pundit for your daily dose of American insanity.

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