Mexican Presidential Candidate To Campaign In America

The leader of the National Regeneration Movement in Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador, is getting ready to kick off a tour throughout the United States showing support for immigrants while attacking President Trump according to Univision.

Mexican Presidential Candidate To Protest Trump On U.S. Soil

This is just insane. He is coming to American soil to campaign.

The main purpose of his tour, Morena said, is to send a message in defense of the human rights of all immigrants, regardless of their country of origin in response to Trump’s executive actions.

How about the “human right” of migrants fixing their own damn country? There is no “human right” to migrate from your country of origin, into another country, and then demand citizenship… or not. Allowing migrants into your country is a gift, not a right. And, that gift has been taken advantage of by the millions of migrants, mostly from Mexico and S. America, but also others from various countries, crossing our Southern border… illegally, then demanding the “human right” to stay here, as if it is a “human right” to ignore our immigration laws.

This is an invasion, pure and simple. It is conquest by migration. If the Russians moved to Africa, and displaced the peoples of Africa, what would you expect Africa to look like? Russia, maybe? If the Muslims from various Middle East and Persian nations migrating to Europe displace the peoples of Europe, what do you expect to happen? Europe turning into Muslim nations maybe? If Mexicans displace the peoples of N. America, what do you expect to see? America becoming an extension of Mexico maybe?

In any multiracial state, all politics is identity. Millions of migrants voting their “identity” in America. Millions of migrants saturating America with their cultural “identity”. And what happens when your traditional homegrown IDENTITY is diluted by migrants “identity”? You have been conquered.

There is no assimilation. And every time you see that foreign Mexican flag raised in America, you… as an American, are being slapped in the face, and being told that you are a conquered nation. There is no “melting pot”. You are the water in that pot, and the oil of migration floats on the top, until one day, as they keep adding oil to the pot of water, the oil overcomes the water. And now you, are the minority in your own country, and your American identity politics conquered, by foreigners.


United Nations Depends On US To Take Lion’s Share Every Year; Current Reduced Intake Is 50K/Year

This whole “human right” to migrate is a United Nations construct. It’s sole purpose to make the world into one heterogeneous New World Order of no borders, eliminate identity politics, wipe out cultures, the miscegenation of the races, into this NWO as envisioned by the United Nations Founders. A One World Government System where the mongrel peoples of the world subject themselves to.  More to the point, a return to Babel.


Muslims are not here to assimilate, they are here to dominate!

Want to get up to speed om the migrant issue? Go here.

The Muslim saturation of Europe: Here and Here.

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