National Security Advisor Mike Flynn Resigns, #PizzaGate Flairs Up

Trump Security Team “In Turmoil” After Flynn Resignation, Russia Accuses US Of “Paranoia”

Trump Responds To Flynn Resignation: “The Real Story” Here Are The Illegal Leaks

Then Philippe I. Reines, former Department of State as a Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton chimes in:

Hillary Clinton chimes in:

Hillary Clinton And Philippe Reines Posts Pizzagate Trolling Of Mike Flynn Resignation

I find this amusing. If Pizzagate is bogus, why did they even bring this up upon Flynn’s resignation? Why not just let it be buried with dead dogs if it is “fake news”? It’s as if they are just spitting in our faces… their guilt. And… what are you going to do about it. Curiouser and curiouser.

It’s like a Serial Killer gloating that he hasn’t been caught, and throwing it in your face.


Pizzagate: The Battle Continues


But the more serious question is whether our nation’s intelligence services were involved in what amounts to political espionage against the newly-elected government.

We know that there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of federal bureaucrats already using shadow communications systems. How far does that “shadow government” go?

And you can bet the Obama/Clinton operatives are deeply set in key locations.

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