My First Trump Presser

This is the first President Trump presser that I have watched. And to be honest, I was impressed. Refreshingly honest, straight forward, up front… and putting these young “I am special because I am the news” freaks in their place. Carrying the 1st amendment around like some badge on their foreheads to lie and obfuscate according to their special educated ideological bent.

I took a year of journalism in high school and couldn’t stand the people. All running around like they were the coolest people on the planet… and special, because muh 1st. As if the 1st “entitled” them with some “special” privileges. They were all fakes. I like down-to-earth people.

I don’t know what Trump will be like, or the direction he will take us 1, 2, 3, 4 years down the line. And like all presidents, I have a wary eye. But I like what I see so far, even though I “believe” he may have slipped up a couple of times. But that is me. We’ll see.

Never seen anything like it. Neither have I. The closest was Reagan, and I wasn’t a big fan of him.

If Trump is honest, and sincere about America First, and routing out these Globalist Deep Staters, he is going to need every American, that cares, backing him up.

On the other hand…

Although some observers fear that these and like tar brushes may have painted Mr. Trump into a corner, in reality they have provided him with an uniquely propitious opportunity to sweep out the responsible agencies with an iron broom. For if such charges are actually nothing more than “old grey mares”—that is, false narratives concocted by rogue operatives in “the intelligence community”—then the officials responsible for propagating them are arguably engaged in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States through a coup d’état to be waged by Mr. Trump’s enemies in Congress and the bureaucracy, in the ever-hostile “mainstream media”, and in a gaggle of subversive NGOs intent upon applying within the United States their extensive experience in rigging “régime change” in various foreign countries. Inasmuch as the plotters of this coup must be aware that it could never be brought to completion absent the application of force at some stage (for instance, through the fomentation of violent civil disturbances on a massive scale), and therefore must already have included such operations in their plans, they have exposed themselves to serious charges. See 18 U.S.C. § 2384. Mr. Trump certainly enjoys both the authority and the ability to turn the tables on these conspirators. See 10 U.S.C. §§ 332 and 333. But whether he can muster the gumption to do so remains to be seen.

An Ominous Start? Part IPart II


The lack of principled objectivity being demonstrated by many so-called conservatives

One by one the intel-MSM mission will be to tandemly act as tag team snipers

Is the NSA the real president of the United States?

To be fair, it’s only been… 3 weeks. And we don’t know how Trump games.

Then again…

Did Trump Just Pull Off The Biggest Sting Operation in History, Against The ‘Deep State’ Within The Intel Community?

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