Submitting to cop run facial recognition before gaining entry

Motomart uses ‘Blue Line Technology’ facial recognition cameras, designed by the Army, DHS and the police. “Blue Line Technology was launched by retired law enforcement and military professionals…”

Tom Sawyer is a former DEA agent and cop.
Marcos Silva is a former Army veteran and police detective.
Lindsey Silva is a former Sheriff’s Deputy.
Gabriel Keithley is listed on Blue Line’s team member site as a customer support manager, he’s also a former cop and private investigator.
Major Joseph Spiess (real name) is a former DEA agent, cop and was supervisor for the St. Louis civil disobedience team.

“Facial Recognition Software in Use – Please Look at Above Camera for Entry.”

Make no mistake, when stores start demanding to scan our faces to gain entry, we’ve entered into a privacy nightmare.

Have you noticed these past 17 years, since the federal governments massive growth of the National Security Techno Police State, that every Tom, Dick, and Suzy are getting in on the act? And you thought those people highlighted up there were… fighting for your freedumb. But I guess when you spend years as a LEO/MIL fighting for the freedumb of your subjects, the natural inclination when retiring, is to get into the private freedumb business.

Maybe I should have put this here, as related.


AI-Powered Body Cams Give Cops The Power To Google Everything They See

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