Metamorphosis Into Us Is The Only Way

STOP the authoritarian assault on our fundamental, constitutional rights, the very principles that have truly made America great; STOP attacking and victimizing women, Muslims, immigrants, racial and ethnic groups, the LGBTQ+ community, working families, journalists, and all who offer criticisms of the Administration’s policies including the U.S. judicial branch; realize that America’s true strength lies in the values of inclusivity not exclusivity.

The Action Plan

Demand the very “inclusivity” that destroys their proclaimed precious constitution. I’m betting that not one in a thousand have read any of this: HERE and HERE much less this HERE. Or this HERE. Or… this HERE. Not even this HERE. And this just a small sample.

In fact, the ONLY thing these idiots are running on… is emotions. And their proclamation of “their constitution” is nothing more than a catch-all appeal of the word, to play on the emotion. They have no clue of the historical context of “their constitution”. The vast majority of these idiots are nothing more than useful idiots of the Deep State/Shadow Government/Globalist Loyalists to expel the constitution, and replace it with their vision of a New World “Utopian” Order that will dictate every single facet of their lives.

Of course, none of the alleged ‘attacks’ associated with the Trump administration above were supported with actual examples of such offenses…you should just trust them.

Trust their triggered emotional spasm. And the only “free speech” you are allowed, is their version of their (im)moral revisionism.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. – John Adams

But then again, there are plenty in the libertard community who spit on the constitution, because the constitution, in and of itself, did not, and has not, held the government accountable, for usurping… the constitution. Obviously, the constitution, has not the ability to build a gallows, round-up its usurpers, put the rope around the usurpers necks, and pull the lever. And hey! All these useful idiots are just exercising their “free speech” to usurp, the very “freedoms” and “liberty” that you proclaim! And they are winning, for well over a hundred years. Go figure the cognitive dissonance.

But, but, but…


Our savior!

Mass momentum. That is what they have, that the libertard movement doesn’t.

Might as well be a 100 ton turd when it blows up in the libertard movements face.




I’ll just say this, and you can figure out the rest:

North Korea is not our greatest threat. N. Korea is South Korea’s greatest threat. South Korea should act accordingly. That means beefing up their own damn military, without expecting America’s military to shed one drop of blood for their ass.

The only ‘threat” I see on that list, is Saudi Arabia… in cohoots with our neo-cons, who, by the way, are responsible for most of the chaos… on that list.

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One Response to Metamorphosis Into Us Is The Only Way

  1. kydrty1 says:

    Hegelian dialectic in mass effect….

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