Pig Farmer


A convicted con-man who thinks he is the epitome of Thomas Jefferson, William Donovan, William Fairbairn, Rex Applegate, Anthony Biddle, Aaron Bank, Simo Häyhä, Colonel Cooper, etc. And believes he can teach sell you their attributes through his Jedburgh Academy (within the national network of course), while selling you various trinkets like a “Garrote based on the original OSS design” (and don’t forget the Caccolube) to get up close and wet to… “get the job done” and “Live it… Surprise, Kill, Vanish”, for “Rightful Liberty”. You can even buy into his “III Percent Society”. And through him, you can even get your own IIIMail!


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4 Responses to Pig Farmer

  1. wirecutter59 says:

    Kinda hard to run a jedburger (with cheese) academy when he doesn’t have any trainers. Hell, even Max Velocity told him to go piss up a rope.

    • Curtis says:

      Meh. I check him out on occasion just to see his next con is. Noticed he had on his side-bar his little Pig Farmer rant on you, me, and others.The boy has been conning so long, he can’t even see his own cognitive dissonance that he has been Pig Farming his entire life through his various cons.

  2. Funny thing is, the bottom dropped out of his readership (shown via his similar web stats) when we decided we were done exposing him for the conman that he is. He called us names and made BS accusations. We pointed out his BS and lies with facts, and used his own words against him. IIITurd is finished.

    • Curtis says:

      All true. I’m reminded of his post on SJW’s in defense of himself… then he goes and acts like a SJW. Always lie, always project, and always double-down.

      But as cons are wont to do… there is always fresh meat.

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