Google Fabrication

No one can reproduce it, and Google refuses to explain why.

Nobody on the planet can find a single example, in other words, of Natural News pages engaging in “sneaky mobile redirect” behavior. In essence, unless and until Google provides any real evidence of the “violations” committed by Natural News, reasonable people can only conclude this entire issue is being completely fabricated by Google.

Google refuses to provide any evidence to justify blacklisting of Natural News


One of the fascinating things that’s happening as a side effect of Natural News being blacklisted by Google is that thousands of people are contacting us with information about the hidden history of Google. As we are coming to discover, Google isn’t an innocent, friendly search engine created to help humanity… it’s actually an extension of the deep state that seeks to dominate and enslave all of humanity.

The shadow network

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One Response to Google Fabrication

  1. Lynn Stokes says:

    Ixquick is my search engine of choice for just that reason.

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