Obviously, it wasn’t attempted murder

Which obviously, it is.

Cop Charged After Body Cam Shows Him Shoot Unarmed Family & Lie About It

The Police Union:

We stand by Officer Danler, as we do all officers when they are faced with making life-or-death decisions. Officer Danler has an accomplished history in Oviedo and has never had allegation of unnecessary use of force. We look forward to helping him during this difficult time so that he may return to the job he loves expeditiously.

Whether it is city, county, state, federal… government unions have got to go.

I don’t need a warrant:

Patricia Mugrauer sued Modesto last year after a police officer entered her home without her permission or a warrant and pushed the frail, disabled senior, causing her to fall and break her hip.

Patricia Mugrauer places her hand on the door. Lee – who appears to be at least twice as big as Mugrauer – pushes the door open with his left hand, while pushing Mugrauer with his right arm, and enters the home. Mugrauer stumbles backward and hits the floor with a thud.

Obviously, she didn’t slam the door on the cop – H/T Knuckledraggin

I won’t rent or temporarily “guest” to anyone. I went through this with a cousin back in the early 90’s. It was to be just temporary, and under conditions. It was all verbal. One of the conditions was… none of her friends, or boyfriends, were allowed in my home, whether I was there, or not. That lasted a couple of months, until my wife and I pulled into the drive-way and saw two shadowed heads through the front window curtain late at night. So I walk in and told her boyfriend to leave… and he refused. When I tried to lead him to the door, he grabbed my arm. I literally knocked him out of the front door. Then he refused to leave my property, and when I tried to lead him of my property, he took a swing at me, so I knocked him all the way to the curb. Now he is going to get his big brothers and come back a beat the shit out of me. Whatever. I told him my big brother shotgun would be here waiting. Anyhow, I went down a list of “rules” that my cousin repeatedly broke, and told her that she had to get her stuff ready to move out the next day. The next day, she calls the cops. And, the cops tried to pull something similar as in the video in the story above. Only problem, she was a guest, not a renter. And, I wasn’t refusing to let her take her stuff. I had to repeatedly tell the deaf ears that she was a guest, not a renter, until the cops finally caught on. Anyhow, she got her stuff and moved in with her boyfriend. Fortunately, she finally cleaned herself up, and is now a good Christian gal.

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