The “Patriot” Food Chain

Senator John Sidney McCain – Contrary to the carefully crafted public image of “Maverick War Hero” John McCain, his fellow service members from Vietnam call him something else, “songbird.” Nixon’s blanket pardon included McCain, whose service file has been sealed ever since, including McCain’s courts martial for treason. Since that era, John McCain has been a high-ranking traitor to the United States at every opportunity. Even the Wall Street Journal recently called him out in the open as the unelected defacto “President of the Shadow Government” put in place to undermine and destroy the newly elected President, Donald J. Trump – Working in concert with others in Congress, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Charles Schumer and many others.

But it’s actually much worse than that

And just a note, I believe the count is up to 22 CFR members in the Trump cabinet… That is not exactly “draining the swamp”.



Today those agencies preside over a vast body of regulatory law that has never been approved by Congress. Indeed, federal regulation, adopted independent of Congress, represents over two thirds of all federal law. The heads of agencies have ruled like oligarchs, largely unaccountable to the courts, Congress and the American people. Congress has conveniently delegated away its and the Executive and Judicial Branches powers year after year, removing every thorny issue of law and policy from Congress (where accountability carries consequences at the ballot box) to the hands of the unelected who rule with little public awareness of their often sweeping actions.

The Administrative State

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