Ninety percent of “The System’s” core contains the elements of global socialism, communism and Progressivism, driven by the financial motives and greed of the global elite. In America, the largest element in “The System” is Progressivism, which is just a different name for socialism and communism.

Because we keep “giving in” we have thrown ourselves into the tiger’s mouth and we are about to be devoured, if we haven’t been devoured already. Because freedom doesn’t sell well to the morally weak and the bought-off masses, which are in the majority, we have lost our peaceful negotiating power to defend it. Conservatives have believed the other side when they say that they agree in principle to what conservatives are saying, without acknowledging the fact that Progressives haven’t the slightest intention of ever putting those principles into practice. In effect, they lie and conservatives fall for it every time. Those, for whom the lies serve, will never vote against the liars and in most cases they are too uninformed to recognize the lies in the first place.

Face it, most “conservatives” are RINO’s.

“The System”

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