All roads lead back to Babel. I have mentioned it more than once here on this blog and elsewhere. This is the devils utopian version of the Garden of Eden. You’ve all heard the “conspiracies” of the Illuminati, Mason’s, and etc. They all believe they are in possession of ancient Watcher wisdom handed down over the ages.

Got that: the only possible model is “total global control of all trade and businesses”. Globalism is a superset of Fascism. Everyone who is not staunchly and unavowedly nationalist, even those nice, conservative civic nationalists, even those libertarian free traders, even those anarchist antifa, are servants, witting or unwitting, of the GloCoFa ideology. They are parts of the great machine of Global Corporate Fascism.

The self-appointed global elite


And if the people don’t get what they want this time, they will only grow more forceful and belligerent next time.

A diversion

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