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My father was in the Air Force. A Radar Operator working mostly in NORAD. I still remember him taking me down to the Air Fields and watching the fighter jets taking off and landing. Anyhow, I was about 7 or 8 years old (66-67) and him and I were in the back yard. I was watching a jet plane high in the sky and asked my dad, “What is the white smoke coming out behind the plane?” My dad said, “That is not smoke. That is what they call a contrail.” He then went on to explain it all to me. A contrail will leave a short plume, then quickly dissipate. And that is the way they were for years. I never saw what they call a “chemtrail” in my entire youth. I don’t remember exactly when I started seeing these “chemtrails”. Somewhere around late 80’s, early 90’s. I hadn’t even heard of the “chemtrail conspiracy” yet. But I do remember walking outside one morning and the sky was just crisscrossed with these “chemtrails”, and high up in the sky I could see 2 airplanes leaving a long plume and they weren’t dissipating. And I wondered about that. And I remembered my youth, and my conversation with my dad. And I was curious. It wasn’t until 01-02 that I heard about the “chemtrail conspiracy”.

Anyhow, this is what a contrail looks like and what I remember from my youth:

Never, in my youth, did I ever see this. Not when my dad was in the Air Force, not when we lived not to far from LAX, not when I used to hang-out at the beach throughout my teens. Not even Pope Air Force Base when in the 82nd. Ever.


I have hours of 8MM film from my youth. Nope. No “chemtrails”. But at least 2 or 3 planes captured in the distance leaving contrails.

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