The same pedophile bloodlines that have ruled this world for centuries

Meanwhile, amidst this seemingly suicidal freefall decline of the unipolar American Empire is international law enforcement’s unprecedented crackdown under Trump of the controlling elite’s pedophile child sex trafficking operations, shaking loose the sickos embedded at the top of the predator food chain from their previously impenetrable, high and mighty perch of insulated privileged protection. With so many deeply disturbed criminal psychopaths literally, satanically feeding off the blood of our innocent children, while fronting so many of the West’s national governments, Fortune 500 corporations, central banking and entertainment industries, rather than be held accountable for their ungodly sins, they’ve escalated the launching of their genocidal counteroffensive to eliminate 90% of the global population within the next few years in virtual total earth destruction.

You can’t miss that little pee-pee slapping around fuck-tards. Unless you wear nut suffocating briefs, put on a pair of sweat pants (sans briefs) and then do some jumping-jacks… and note. Every frikkin guy and his girlfriend/wife knows this. 8 years of a homo and tranny in the White House who never planned on leaving, and continuing their agenda as POTUS homo/tranny in Exile.

Under the clear light of day, one by one the treasonous cockroaches from both political parties are scrambling and running for cover, having their demonic “dirty laundry” exposed.

Read it, including the links.


It would then seem that the “Russia hacking” story was concocted not just to explain away an embarrassing election defeat, but to cover up the real scandal.


He added a couple more negatives for good measure. So bank on it.

Like I said.

Fmr Secret Service Agent Set To Release New Info On Obama

It’s not over, until it’s over. What kind of country you want to live in will determine your actions.

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TSA Warns Local Police About New Airport Pat-Downs

‘Legalized groping’

If you REFUSE to bind the “strongman”, the “strongman” will rob your house… again, and again, and again.

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