Nothing Has Changed In Syria

Preparing to Invade: US Deploys Additional 2,500 Soldiers for ‘Syria and Iraq’

PRESIDENT ASSAD: All Foreign Troops in Syria Without Invitation are Invaders

Dangerous Fracture in US, Turkey and Russian Interests, as Operation to Oust ISIS from Raqqa Begins

Syria: The Real US-NATO Creators of Hell in Aleppo

Nothing has changed in Syria. US forces in Syria are not to “end ISIS”, but to create a buffer between US, Turkey, and SAA/Russia competing interests. The US is there to “back up” its Syrian Arab Coalition. It is NOT there to back-up the SAA, who are fighting ISIS, and also every USA/Turkey/Arab Coalition backed “rebels”, who may, or may not, be fighting ISIS, but are also fighting SAA forces. The Syrian Defense Forces (Kurds), other than the SAA, are probably the only good guys in the mix, who have become so fed up, they actually handed over large portions of SDF controlled Northern Syria to the SAA.

I’ll even go so far as to say that US forces, backing up their “moderate” SAC rebels, is nothing more than to oust ISIS from its Capital Raqqa, and make it the Capital of US backed anti-Assad SAC forces. The ongoing USA attempt to Balkanize Syria continues.




Iran is still on the radar. Of course, every time Iran proclaims “Death To America”, or lets loose a ballistic missile test, ya’ll shit your pants. But then again, I fully expect you all to follow the… script. You always do. Day in, and day out.

Russia and Iran Excluded from Meeting in Washington on ISIS

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