We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies

Naturally, Steve King’s foray into the fucking bleeding obvious truth sent whole warrens of shitlib rabbits hopping in a frenzy, denouncing him as a Nazi, a White supremacist, a White nationalist, and the dreaded SupraWhite Nazemalist (rare breed).

Steve King’s shockingly uncontroversial assessment of the nexus between civilization, culture and demographics — that a nation is a culture and a culture is a people and a people are their genetic bloodlines, and that the fewer White people there are the more America will resemble an alien land — has bent the arc of the ad hominem universe toward his Twatter feed.

Change the people, change the civilization


PC Volunteers For Extinction

They have Turkish fathers, Turkish mothers, live in Turkish neighborhoods, shop at Turkish shops, and have coffee in Turkish coffee shops, where they drink Turkish coffee. (Turkish coffee shops in Turkish neighborhoods do not allow women.) That’s not a Holland that anyone would recognize as Dutch.


Students from one Iowan high school apologized to another Iowan high school when people (refugees) found their red, white and blue attire offensive.


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