Mauled By A Police Dog Does Not Violate A “Clearly Established” Constitutional Right

Because Garrison allowed his K9 to continue mauling Maney, the innocent homeless man suffered severe injuries. By the time he was brought to the hospital, Maney was in critical condition. Bikkel had torn apart the top of Maney’s head, removing an entire two-square-inch section of hair, skin, and tissue — which would later require a 16-inch skin graft. The dog also bit Maney’s arms and legs so severely that it led to a brachial artery blood clot with massive blood loss, bruising, and swelling.

No right to be free from dog mauling cop seizures


Judge: Mr. Sheriff, do it… use it. Cop: Har-Har! Oh goody. 50,000 volts! Obey.

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