That Train… It’s A-Coming

‘Our’ owners concept of a ‘free press’ is a docile, easily-controlled government narrative-affirming bunch of presstitutes, with a large, well-funded electronic bully pulpit, who will only say what they’re told to say, and never raise a logical question against the agenda, to further Empire’s geopolitical and/or corporate cronies financial goals.


And in other news…

That train… it’s a-coming

On Lies Of Omission


The mainstream media, in other words, is the soma drug of the modern era, designed to numb your brain, retract your senses, assault your curiosity and ridicule your awakening. The programming by the media is intended to mandate your obedience, conformity and intellectual homogeneity.

It may not come for you, but it is coming for someone you know… and love.

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