FBI James Comey Dances As He Assures The American People

(Bumped & Edited)

Listen to Comey dance…

Update I:

Read the whole Freedom Watch letter here. (PDF)

So, you have to ask yourself… why did/is everyone ignoring this?

H/T Pete at WRSA – And note the NAME on his story header… capisci?

Update II:

Comey should be hauled back to testify before the committee on March 28th 
Klayman to be present at hearing

More: Listen up…


And, I am going to add here…

Nunes Confirms There Was “Incidental Surveillance” Of Trump During Obama Administration “Seems To Be Inappropriate” – Incidental collection my ass.

End update:

Uh… Comeytose? Preferably by projectile.

Oops. Knock-Knock! FBI! We have a warrant for your arrest… crash-bang-pew-pew-pew!

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