Gun-Totin’ Left-Wingers Demonstrate at the Arizona Capitol

Lefties with guns at AZ Capitol

Lefties with guns at AZ Capitol video HERE

H/T Pete @ WRSA

Update: Found video on Youtube. Note these commie-fascists reaction to being filmed:

How embarrassing. What a bunch of petulant fascist ass-holes.

Note: “They (the right-wingers) weren’t trying to intimidate anyone with their guns.”

Below are some screen-shots that I took.

Phoenix John Brown Gun Club < — > Redneck Revolt

Arizona Brown Berets

Peter from Northwest Ohio:

A Message To The Patriot Movement

Below is a poster from their Facebook page. I’m going to quote Pete at WRSA, and I hope you… get it:

Laugh if you will.

But do you have a multibillionaire globalist and his apparat behind you?

How about the “legitimate” mainstream media around the world at your service?

What about the explosive fuel of race and envy?

All waiting to ignite when it serves the PTB’s interests.

Still laughing?

Pretty slick… huh?

Know your flags? At the right.

Our statement to the attendees of the march: Read it, then think about who is pay-rolling them.

Going through some of the links, I have to tell you, it is some pretty slick and packaged globalist propaganda. What do they believe in?

If you are from Arizona, peruse the above links… for obvious reasons.

Update: The “RedNeckRevolt” members have an interest. Linked back referrer:

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