SBCSD Pulls Over My Wife At 3:30 AM Wants A Piece Of Cake

For… future reference.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

So my wife is on the way to work. She is on the road at about 3:30 A.M., 03/29/2017.

She is driving down the street. She passes a SBCSD patrol car on one of the side streets.

She passes him. He then pulls out and pulls up behind her.

He follows her for 3 blocks. She turns on to the freeway on-ramp where he follows her and lights her up. She pulls over on the on-ramp.

He gets out of the patrol car and stands at her passenger rear door for about 2 minutes. She has her front passenger window down already.

She is thinking, WTH?

He approaches her passenger door and literally sticks his head in the opened window.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“Well, I was doing the speed limit. I didn’t run any lights. I used my turn signals. I haven’t broken any laws. So I don’t know what you pulled me over for.”

“I pulled you over because you rear license plate is supposed to be shiny, and when you passed me, I couldn’t read your license plate.”

“Are you serious? I am on my way to work and you pulled me over because my license plate isn’t shiny?”

Yes, that is why I pulled you over. But I can see that this is an older car. I need your driver’s license.”

She hands him her driver’s license.

“Hey, is that a cake on the floor there?”

“What? Yeah, that is a cake on the floor. Why?”

“I tell you what, give me a piece of cake and I won’t write you a ticket.”

“What? You won’t write me a ticket if I give you a piece of cake? No you can’t have a piece of cake. What are you going to write me a ticket for?”

“I’ll be right back. I need to call your driver’s license in.”

A few minutes later.

“Okay, you don’t have any outstanding warrants, I guess you can leave.”

Today is 03/29/2017

WTF? This is truncated, but for the beef. My wife came home an told me this. She said it was just “real creepy” the way this deputy was acting, and the fact that he followed her for 3 blocks and didn’t pull her over until she got on the freeway on-ramp… at 3 AM in the morning.

My wife has a pretty good idea why this cop pulled her over, and in the manner in which he did, and the creep factor, and I concur. For… “a piece of cake.”

Fair warning… my wife is an honest to God Christian woman, and I love her to death. And we took our vows seriously.



SBCSD Training Center Presents: LADY BE AWARE COURSE

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