Ugly Domestic Enemy Rage at Victims of Communism

A photo posted to Twitter by a self-styled “Black Bolshevik” should tell decent and sane Americans all they need to know about the character of the Marxists and their useful idiots trying to tear down the social order under the appropriated term of “anarchist.” Participants are circling the base of the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington DC and giving it the middle finger.

A Good Indicator of Their Intent


Unarmed = Potential Atrocity Victim

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2 Responses to Ugly Domestic Enemy Rage at Victims of Communism

  1. Bone Fish says:

    Godless commie bastards are forever stuck in that ideology because their wiring is bad and can’t never be fixed. Remain a good Boy Scout and impact hammer through every one of their five senses that it will always be in their best interest to stay out of your “blood circle”

    • Curtis says:

      Appreciate the pic!

      It would do well if everyone remembers that they were capable of murdering millions throughout the 20th century. What ever one may think of these communists, one needs to remember what they are capable of. Nothing has changed, except the century. Fair warning for anyone reading.

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