Enough Doom Blogging!

Breaking news! You are fucked. And you are never getting your liberty back. Deal with it. You didn’t want it anyhow.

Here’s your “freedom” movement.

And remember when many of you dumb-asses in the Patriot Bowel Movement were defending Pussy Riot in the name of “freedom” to desecrate the Russian Orthodox Church and just pretty much run amok in their filth? I do.

All the Pussy Riot you always wanted in the name of your freedom.

Many of you should be joining these people.

38 some-odd frikkin years. What a fucking waste of my time. And I have something to say to the “Patriot Movement”, whatever that is… many of you are going to get it good and hard, and deservedly so.

There are some who really tried, but it all fell on deaf ears. Or, just ended up in a bunch of back-biting. The fact is, the “Patriot Movement”, whatever it is, is filled with nothing more, for the most part, a bunch of blow-hards. You frikkin doubt me? Go to any number of a patriot blogs, and go through their comments section as far back as you can go. Some going back for several years. Notice all the back-biting and chest thumping? WTF is up with all the YEARS of chest thumping? Hell, combine that all with the comments in Right leaning on-line papers. Notice all the chest thumping… going back for YEARS. And to what frikkin end? For YEARS.

And that crap about “defending the consteetootion”. Fuck. Go over to the OK’ers website. Start going through all the comments as far back as you can go. Notice all the chest thumping, for YEARS about “defending the consteetootion” with their very lives. It is all BULL – SHIT.

After 38 years of listening to and reading all this BULL – SHIT, one would think that there has to be at least a few million… patriots. Hell, several million Trump voters consider themselves “patriots”. Bull-shit. The vast majority are nothing more than ear tingling politician leeches. One would think, several million “patriot” Trump voters would make a difference in restoring our constitution, our traditional liberties and freedoms. But ya know what? Several million “patriots” have no bite. Not even a bark. More like, a Hello Kitty meow. Meow. Psst. Psst. Meow.

I’ll tell you what else I’ve noticed about this… “Patriot Bowel Movement”. The acclimation and acceptance of do as you will, just don’t pick my pocket. Everything that my fathers, and many of the fathers of this so-called “patriot” movement, would have thought not possible, or entertained the thought of… that which has become the norm, and acceptable, in today’s world… of the… bowel movement.

And I keep hearing this absolute BULL – SHIT about “My God-given rights.” Fucking fools. It never occurred to the many, in the “patriot” movement, that you weren’t born into “rights”. You were born into commandments and duties. All those “rights” (or “freedoms” and/or “liberties”) you claim by God, come with conditions, to either fulfill (blessing), or ignore (curse). But hell no. Many in the “patriot” movement want to spit on God, while claiming his conditional blessing. What a fucking mockery. “But, but, but… my God-given rights! You owe me… government!” Ahhhh… there’s your “God”. I knew this gal several years ago with a bumper sticker on the back of her truck. It said, “America, bless God. And He will bless you back.” And the bowel movement says… Psst! Scratch! Psst! Spit! “We want our rights… government!”

You know why you have the government you have today? You know why we have this Deep State? Why we have these Globalists who have their boots on your face? Because millions of self-proclaimed “patriots”… are not. They think their “patriotism” is measured by who they vote for… and that is as far as their “patriotism” goes. Oh well… maybe the next guy! And here we are. The definition of insanity is… what?

Lies of Omission. T.L. Davis, Pete at WRSA, et al. God Bless them. But I have to say this. It really is a sad state of affairs, for this suppose millions of “patriots” in this country, that it has to be said, “Lies of Omission, the film every Millennial should see…by force if necessary.” Because we, the millions of so-called “patriots” today, are handing over the blood, sweat, and tears… to tomorrows generation… hopefully. Maybe. That we, THIS generation, have refused to do today.

You know who you fucking are. The rest of you, keep doing what you can only do among yourselves and your tribes. It’s not like you have a combined several million, or even several hundred thousand, self-proclaimed “patriots” behind you.

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