Russia Saturates America And It’s Collective Brain With Fake!

If you want to listen to this, every time they say Russia, or Soviet, just replace either of those 2 words with America. And while doing so, think about who is the premier advocate and instigator of world-wide international globalism… by conquest, or consent.

Now, look around you. Who is the premier meddler by covert and/or open warfare throughout the world?

Take the time to listen to this.

DHS Caught Hacking U.S. Election System

Your government will educate you in digital literacy… with an “expanded Snopes”.

I’m really glad they are taking the time to do this rather than working on less important things like Hillary’s unsecured emails, the Clinton Foundation, and ongoing intelligence leaks.

International Fact-Checking Network: New Worldwide Ministry of Truth?


US Meddling In Foreign Elections/Affairs

US NATO UkraineVictoria Nuland UkraineUS NATO Middle EastUS NATO RussiaUS NATO Election TamperingUS NATO Globalism

Leftists, Dick Cheney, And Hillary Clinton Unite To Peddle Russia Hacking Narrative, Provoke New Cold War

And Russia, by its very existence, IS an Act of War.

And, when you think of globalism, think about all that American tolerance/democracy it expects everyone to fashion themselves into.


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