Speaking Of Millennials And Their Children

I know that this turns off a lot of people, mostly because they have this “patriotic” conditioning idea/sense of where they WANT, and HOW they want, things to be in the future. And… because Jesus “stuff”. But the fact of the matter is, this stuff is real. It is here today, and it is exponentially increasing by the day. You don’t have to read all this, just going through and reading the link headers will give you an idea of where we are, and where we, as a human species, are heading.

A look into the future of millennials, and their children:

And it will shape their future. And imagine, being enslaved by… technology? Imagine the internet of… things… absolute… ly… absolute.

Moving on. You can go through my blog and find where I have said to watch 2 things. The destruction of Damascus in Syria, and Turkey. Of course, many of you are aware of Turkey’s “threat” to unleash Islam in to Europe. There is a reason for this:

Just a note on the above video. I disagree with that Russia is going to be part of this Turkey alliance. The reason why:

Re: When The Lion Roars (Part 2) With Carl Gallups

Get your map out.

No. No. And No. Russia is being buffered by US/NATO militarily to prevent it from interfering in the US-NATO/Arab-Turkey Coalition designs in the Middle East and Persia.

The US-NATO sponsored Ukraine coup was to remove Russia’s Naval Base from Sevastopol in Crimea, and the Black Sea, of which Russia’s Black Sea Fleet must go through the Bosporus Straight, and Dardenelles Straight, controlled by Turkey, to the Mediterranean Sea. Even Putin admitted as much, which is why he was wise onto it, and took steps to hold on to Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet.

Then, there is the case of the Baltic Sea, and Russia’s Fleets in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. And, it is why US-NATO is pushing the false narrative that Russia is eminently (as in the past 3-4 years any day now) on the verge of tank rolling into Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as an excuse to put US-NATO heavy armor and troops into those countries… covering the Baltic Sea.

The fact is, Russia is being encircled all the way around from its North Eastern, Eastern, and Southern borders to the Caspian Sea and Afghanistan.

US-NATO is not encircling Russia because Russia is being assertive in the sense of territorial ambitions.

Here is “The Club of Rome” map created in 72-73:


When you look at region 7, think of “7 countries in 5 years plan”. Is it looking familiar? Again, this was created in 72-73, so you have to do some updates to reflect current (formerly unseen) realities. Eastern Europe would now be Yellow as part of region 2. In the future, Turkey in the Yellow, will be a part of region 7 (the Sunni/Wahhabi “pure” Caliphate). By the way, Israel does not exist in this map in region 7.

Also note, when you think of US-NATO one would be wise to understand that the US-NATO militaries are the spearhead of the globalists/NWO.

Now, look again at the current realities in the Middle East. Russia moved into Syria to protect the eminent capture of Damascus by the (US-NATO) flavor of the day “moderate Islamic freedom fighters” and/or ISIS. What is US-NATO/Arab-Turkey Coalition doing? Sponsoring the flavors of the day “moderate Islamic freedom fighters”. Syria is the jump off to where? To Iran. Another Russian allied country as is Syria.

Anyhow, are you getting the picture? Now, does anyone think that the US-NATO/Arab-Turkey Coalition can afford, or desires, to have Russia sweeping down into the Middle East and Persia to protect its allies and prevent the Sunni/Wahhabi US-NATO/Arab-Turkey Coalition from integrating the Arab/Persian region in to Sunni/Wahhabi economic/cultural/religious “pure” Caliphate… Core?

Thank you.

Russia is going to have nothing to do with the attempted destruction of Israel.

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