The Po-Lice Doing Their Duty

Mom Arrested by School Cops Because Walking Your Child to Class is Not Allowed in a Police State

Common sense? From a cop? LMAO! How can you have any common sense, or decency, when you think you are the law unto yourself? And special too!


5-Year-Old Girl Suspended from School for Holding a Stick that “Looked Like a Gun”

Another reason why I couldn’t be a cop. Rather than dutifully obeying, I’d be asking, “Are you FUCKING nuts?”


Obviously, there are not enough of these guys…

“It was very difficult because it was something I had been programmed throughout my career to never do,” Spencer, 46, told Ruben Rosario from Twin Cities.

Or… finally, one good cop in the crowd of cops even though it was difficult. Talk about wrestling with your conscience, huh…


Oh boy! They did everything by the book


So brave! So. Fucking. Brave…

Children were subjected to a “simulated raid” of a party so they could witness police searching citizens with dogs and look for reasons to arrest them in a “drug awareness” event.

5th graders; child attacked by police dog. Yeah! Here we come to save the day! Something about IQ pops up. And… look at us! And… don’t we give you goose-bumps and tickle your crotch!




WikiLeaks Reveals “Marble”: Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic

Ya know, plausible deniability, black flags, the Russians done did it, etc.

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