First… Turn Off Your Inner Butt-Hurt

And try not to microscopically inspect his butt-hole. Ya know, for his “real” motive. Just, read it.

Think that’s harsh? “Harsh” is making plans to fight next to a guy who (when given the opportunity) is not willing to do whatever he has to do to make himself the best fighter possible, and you find out during the fight that he doesn’t have the guts, stamina, or drive to stick around when it gets bad. “Harsh”, is having a “Battle Buddy” who is more concerned about having a $3,000 GucciAR, but never wanted to pay to get training with it “cuz trainin’s ‘spensive.”. “Harsh” is finding out during the fight, that the guy next to you in the foxhole can’t carry his ass, let alone yours if you get hurt, simply because he thought “PT” was an acronym for a Dairy Queen entree.

Perception Lobotomy and take some Reality Ritalin

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