It Scares You

Are we not yet done with this quarreling over what is legal and not legal, Constitutional and not Constitutional and whether the Constitution was a flawed document? What difference does it make? It is not in use, but if the shell of what it was can be used as a tool to hammer the Marxists that have co-opted it for their own use when it serves them and ignore it all together when it is not useful, do we really have to have this argument?

All too often this “community” engages in intramural battles over terms and ideas and choose to label one this thing or that, when we should be focusing all of our attention on just one thing, destroying the Marxist rule we have allowed to take control of our lives. It is a long, hard fight back to just a semblance, a shadow of the liberty we have ceded to the government by our inaction and it is a fight during which I will use any weapon that comes easily to my hand.

A reference point to demonstrate

Actually, all to often, this “community” that T. L. Davis speaks of, is to busy inspecting each others butt hole and divining whatever microscopic flecks of shit it finds. MPAI.

And I have something to say to all butt hole inspectors railing on against the constitution, or anyone that mentions it (as if they ever read it), and put it in simple terms that even an amoeba can understand.

What you had: A republic, if YOU can keep it.

How to keep it: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time…

There isn’t a piece of parchment on this planet that can enforce itself. No piece of parchment can guarantee anything. Every piece of parchment on this planet can be usurped.

The fact is, rather than fault the usurpers, the butt hole inspectors fault the piece of parchment. Which is just an intellectually dishonest way of perpetually backing down. The fact is, if our constitution was actually enforced, by the people who were/are ultimately responsible for enforcing it, you’d have 99 percent more freedom and liberty than you do today.

And that scares you.

But let’s face it:

You didn’t want it anyhow.

And by the way, go to T. L. Davis’ blog, and go through the comments as far back as you can. See?

Wonder why the enemies and usurpers of your liberty are winning? Yeah, there is a “movement” alright. The “Patriot Bowel Movement” of incessant butt hole inspectors.

But let’s face it. No one wants to rally behind defending the constitution. Well, at least the enemies of that constitution, and what is left of your freedom, have something to rally behind. And they don’t even have any opposition.

Anyhow, in other news:

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