Criminalization Without Representation

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

As a side note, I am wondering how many federal “laws” the folks from Bundy Ranch and Maheur Refuge are being charged with breaking, that were not written by congress, but by a bunch of department bureaucrats?

Bureaucracy A to Z.


Shutting Down The Defense – UPDATES on Bunkerville Trial

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2 Responses to Criminalization Without Representation

  1. genearly says:

    The link to the Bunkerville Trial is down. Posts are blocked there.
    The Feral government has Never let the “Rule of Law” be an impediment to it’s Tyranny. As the late Russell Means said so accurately to his fellow citizens, “WE are All on the Reservation now”. This link is from the 1830’s Trail of Tears. Waco should have been a wake up call. Never Surrender, No Quarter given or asked from Feral Beasts.

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