But most distinctly not of the people

In addition, as they launched their Global War on Terror after 9/11, top Bush administration officials remained obsessed with memories of the Vietnam mobilization.  They were eager for wars in which there would be no prying journalists, no ugly body counts, and no body bags heading home to protesting citizens.  In their minds, there were to be only two roles available for the American public.  The first was, in President George W. Bush’s classic formulation, to “go down to Disney World in Florida, take your families, and enjoy life the way we want it to be enjoyed” — in other words, go shopping.  The second was to eternally thank and praise America’s “warriors” for their deeds and efforts. Their wars for better or worse (and it would invariably turn out to be for worse) were to be people-less ones in distant lands that would in no way disturb American life — another fantasy of our age.

“Violence abroad,” it said, “breeds violence at home.” Amen, brother.


Indeed it will.


Three days ago the entire US intelligence complex couldn’t be sure whether one of their own bombs destroyed a building in Mosul.

It was a sure sign that emotion had once again trumped reason when both the left and the right agreed that Trump had a moral imperative to attack the Syrian air base.

Less than 24 hours after the NSC overhaul the United States launched a massive airstrike involving 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles targeting the Shayrat air base.

In other news:

Terrorist supporter John “Insane” McCain demands more bombs.

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