Relax: Bombing Syria Was A Feint And Precursor To Attack N. Korea!

I think the fact that Trump and Putin are publicly engaged in this very angsty sabre-rattling over virtually nothing in Syria while Xi is in Florida is potentially significant. Trump and Putin play out the little Syrian charade, Trump explains it to Xi, and then the US Navy has the greenlight to go after the lunatics before Tokyo, Moscow, or Beijing get nuked.

The next target

Bombing Syria was a feint to cover an upcoming US-China attack on North Korea. As the bombs fall in Syria, Trump explains it to Xi, and then the US Navy has the greenlight to go after the lunatics before Tokyo, Moscow, or Beijing get nuked. Hilarious. A feint. Kim: “Drats! I was faked out again!”

Meanwhile, to save face, Russia and Iran warn U.S. they will “respond with force” if Syria “red lines” crossed again, while U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley continues the “feint” by proclaiming, regime change in Syria is now a top priority for Trump! Putin wink-winks along with the “feint” as Sec. State Tellerson proclaims Russia failed to ‘live up to its commitments under the chemical weapons agreements’.

Sneaky bastards.


While U.S. NATO Admiral Michelle Howard “feints” to trick N. Korea by keeping Kim’s eye-ball on Russia, Putin “feints” and wink-winks by ramping up activity in the Mediterranean and other European seas to fake out Kim.

Co-starring Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping!

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Watch Damascus.


It’s notable that the British paper Daily Mail has removed an article titled “The United States supported the plan to carry out a chemical attack in Syria and blame Assad regime” dated January 29, 2013.

Dramatic Escalation In Syria

Breaking Reports: U.S. Forces Entering Syria From Jordanian Border

Makes perfect sense and fits well into a pattern of deceit


Sure, why not. Expect to hear much more about white phosphorus in the coming days…

Courtesy of…

The Revolution Syria


Kafranbel English

The banner boys from Kafranbel are another western funded operation

Kafranbel Media Center: A Propaganda Banner Assembly Line That Targets The Naive

And in other news…

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