I’ll tell you what gets me about the Trumpites

Obama: “We have intelligence…”

Trumpites: “Boo. Liar. You’re full of shit! We don’t believe you or your globalists!”

Trump: “We have intelligence…”

Trumpites: “Hump his leg! It’s the ‘God-Emperor’! He has info we don’t know about! It’s a super-duper 3D Trump Chess plan!”

My wife doesn’t pay too much attention to politics, but we were talking about some of this recent crap yesterday. She told me, “Every 4 years, it’s the same damn thing.” And she voted for Trump.

Every 4 years, it’s the same damn thing. As I said elsewhere, all the BS globalist crap goes in cycles every election. It’s how they keep you in control and off-balance.

Have you noticed the silence of previous grappling… when Trump turned the corner? It’s as if it was… tailor-made. Shhhh! What’s that sound?


Did the CIA wag its dogs?

Lindsey Graham desperate for an hyperventilating orwargasm.

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2 Responses to I’ll tell you what gets me about the Trumpites

  1. genearly says:

    “Meet the New Boss………same as the Old Boss” if ……Not exactly true, but the NWO Pogroms do continue unabated……….. and I voted for Trump too.
    If Hilarity had been sElected we could already be in a Civil War, which is also regrettably a forlorn recourse to restore National Liberty, which Empires always avoid by diverting their sheeples attention to Foreign Devils and Foreign Wars until the Empire finally implodes and collapses of debt and social rot.
    The NWO Deep State knows best of course, move along, Baaa Baaa

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