They Will Not Allow Assad To Defeat America’s Proxies



PUTIN: USA preparing to bomb Syrian capital


Putin: “Idlib Was A “False Flag” Attack And We Have Learned That More Are Coming”

Fmr UK Ambassador: ‘Trump Has Just Given Jihadis a Thousand Reasons to Stage Fake Flag Operations’

TILLERSON: Assad Regime Coming to End

BUCHANAN: War Consuming Trump Presidency


Democrats Call For Anti-War Congresswoman To Be Ousted From Office


Mattis went on to say that while the recent U.S. bombings should not be interpreted as a “harbinger of a strategy change”of course nothing has changed, the goal HAS ALWAYS BEEN to regime change ASSAD. And if CIA-ISIS cuts his head off, the better. Lying sack of shit. Isn’t this the same guy who was training Sunni’s in Iraq, who went on to be ISIS and flavor of the day Islamic Freedom Fighters?


Intelligence and Military Sources Who Warned About Weapons Lies Before Iraq War Now Say that Assad Did NOT Launch Chemical Weapon Attack

Ya know, I don’t know what is going to happen in NK, or how it will play out. But I will say this:

Most people in America are FUCKING IDIOTS.

I laid out a very plausible scenario regarding NK, at a website, which comes right out of DoD and US-NATO play book. Part of that scenario, is NK’s conventional capability, especially as regards to SK.

What was the response? To a T… nuke NK! Every single one. And of course, the customary, “Your teeth must be chattering!” And, “You must be one of those swamp things!” When explaining that is a bad idea. That’s it folks, we’re just going to lob nukes in China’s back-yard.

Americans are some of the dumbest, stupidest, cognitive dissonant peoples on this planet.

Yep. Just start lobbing nukes in China’s back-yard… and watch that fleet go up in a flash.

But, but, but… “Then we’ll nuke China too!” (Customary USA! USA! USA!)

I am TELLING you… there is NO hope for America, by the caliber of people, IN America.

It works… every time. Remember when it worked for you?

War. That is.

Even the hint of it.

Especially the nukes. (Orgasm).

It’s like… “I’ll throw my penis at you!”

America, is of course, invincible.

And holy.

God said so.

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