Under The Trump Administration This Will Stop

And that is WINNING!

Think you are free? Think if a cop even “suspects” you of ingesting/inhaling a non-approved drug, asks you to provide a urine sample, and you refuse, he/she can’t get a warrant, and shove a catheter up your urinary tract against your will?

Yet, we have people on this planet so enamored with their “God-Emperor“, no matter what he does, the continuation of globocop, globalism, neoconnery, they call it masterful Trump 3D chess here and here. Because… ya know… freedom!

So freaking barbaric and off the charts.

Ya think the “God-Emperor” gives 2, or 3 shits?

I’m pretty sure when Trump gets done waving his dick around, he’ll get back to, as time permits, to restoring our liberties… and the consteetootion.


Idiots think this is the first time China has mobilized its troops on the NK border. They think this is the first time China and N. Korea have had military skirmishes. They think this is the first time that China has slapped NK’s wrist. And they actually think Trump’s lame missile strike on a Syrian Air Base caused China’s Xi to crap his pants.

Xi: Comrades… the Americans are swinging their dicks again. But this one has a penis pump. You know the drill. Troops on the border. Loud noises to North Korea. Turn everything on and let them play in our back-yard, and let’s see how they play swing-the-dick. Considering our expansion in the S. China Sea, we may be able to gather some invaluable intel. And let’s all hope his penis pump doesn’t pop his ego.

Meanwhile, in America…



Yaaaaaaaaa, but that applies to China as well.
this is a new ball game… this guy has out guessed everything thrown at him to date.
Trump is a wild card, that’s for sure.


And the little fat boy didn’t have nuclear toys to play with before.


Here is the worst case scenario. NK has 13,000 (update 21,000 plus) artillery pieces. Approx. 60-70 percent are just North of the DMZ. According to our own DoD, NK is capable of firing 500,000 shells into SK in one hour. Do the math. It is estimated, by the DoD, that it would take them 5 or more days to eliminate those artillery pieces, which are dug deep in the hillsides and mountains. Do the math. This does not include NK’s conventional missiles and rockets. Do the math. NK also has 200,000 Special Forces troops whose sole purpose is to infiltrate SK and sabotage various critical infrastructure. Do the math.

NK is not stupid, despite what you are fed. Crazy? Like a Fox. They are not going to just let loose nukes, knowing that it will be the end of them. IF… IF… the above scenario played out, if America invades NK, China IS NOT going to accept America’s use of nukes to put an end to it, in their back-yard. Do the math.

Back to here.



Trump: I Said NATO Was Obsolete. It’s No Longer Obsolete

At press conference in Washington, U.S. president says it is time to end the ‘barbaric’ civil war in ‘butcher’ Assad’s Syria

LMAO at those pontificating on the “God-Emperor’s” magic 3D Underwater Chess and confusion on who, and what he is, and all his flip-flops on EVERYTHING he has done since taking office. But damn-it! We’ll get that wall!

Trump Flips On Five Core Key Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours

Putin was standing in the way. He was screwing up The Plan. He was winning.

Trump: US ‘Not Getting Along With Russia At All’

Translation: Putin refuses to be our globalist bitches and kiss the asses of our neocons for global democracy, and disrespecting my precious Ivanka.

The real Donald Trump has been exposed

The good news is, congress only worked 8 days this month. And Trump has betrayed those insiders closest to him. His ratings were the lowest for any president within 2 months of taking office, and have now lifted (you know, or should know, how that goes). ObamaCare repeal, tax plan, and national infrastructure rebuilding are off the table. Debt ceiling fast approaching. Is war the cover-up? Will China and Russia sucker us into North Korea, like State Dept. April Glaspie did to Saddam? Stay tuned to… as America turns… or burns.

War is like crack for presidents. It confers instant gravitas, catapulting them to respectability, bypassing all station stops. They get to make macho pronouncements on a topic where every utterance is seen as august.


Despite sending a naval force to the Korean peninsula, the Trump administration is focusing its North Korea strategy on tougher economic sanctions, possibly including an oil embargo, banning its airline, intercepting cargo ships and punishing Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang, U.S. officials say.


“The Boss Baby” continues to dominate the North American box office in its second week of release, outdrawing “Beauty and the Beast” and a fresh “Smurfs” movie.

And… Americans are retards.


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