Everyone In Syria Is On Our Side Except Assad’s Side

But first:

CIA Director Accuses Wikileaks Of Being A “Hostile Intelligence Service”

Not so “hostile” after all:

Al-Qaeda “is on our side in Syria.”

‘Brought to you by agency which produced Al-Qaeda & ISIS’ – Assange trolls CIA chief

The U.S. is an active player in moving weapons all throughout the middle east

Vice Presidents Jared and Ivanka have no comment.

In other news:

This issue presents a challenge to the U.S. ‘news’ media, to finally show some integrity, some honor, and expose the operations of the gang at the U.S. government’s top, instead of simply continuing to pump that gang’s propaganda. Without the continuing cooperation of America’s ‘news’ media, we would not now be heading toward World War III — global nuclear war. What would be the time when these ‘news’ media will do their job, instead of do what they’re being paid to do, if that time is not now.

News media? Integrity?

I don’t know. Something about cognitive dissonance in Boobus Americanus.

The good news is, our neocon globalists will bring peace bombing to the world, fashion the world into us, and our economy is doing just great.

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