America’s Foreign Policy

We reserve the right to pick on any nation on the planet that we don’t like. We reserve the right to be economically and militarily superior to every country on the planet, using our military might. We reserve the right to use economic sanctions and/or military strikes against any and all countries that we don’t like. Any country that we don’t like, and/or thumbs its nose at us, we reserve the right to economically sanction and/or threaten it with military strikes. Any country that we don’t like, that develops the means to counter our economic and/or military superiority, by economic and/or military means, we reserve the right to economically sanction and/or use military action. Any country that we don’t like, that develops the means, militarily, to strike back at us, as we implement economic sanctions and/or military threats and/or action, we reserve the right to annihilate. Just the mere threat to us by word and/or deeds, as we implement economic sanctions and/or military threats and/or commit military action, is cause for us to flex our economic and military might to the next level, up to annihilation. We own the world.

We are Globocop. We are God’s strong-arm and mighty sword. And we will bring the world to the vision of our United Nations Founders. A NWO. A world where our and the United Nations jungle of the law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. And when we are successful, and we will be, the rule of the United Nations, as envisioned before us, will bring peace upon the earth… by our economic and military might to kill and annihilate. Do not fuck with our vision of the New Morality that we envision for the world.

U.S.A.! It is every Americans heavenly mandate. And every time the U.S.A. flexes its muscles on people it doesn’t like, it is every Americans duty to flex their organ, and shout, “U.S.A.!” It is your duty, as U.S.A. borrows Trillions of Federal Reserve Notes to Globocop the world, for you to economically suffer for the good of mankind and the implementation of the heavenly mandate of the NWO as the U.S.A. Globocops.

God Bless the U.S.A. And may the world be an image of us… except the economic sanctioning stuff, and the ability to militarily annihilate others… for we are Gods image and implementation. We are holy. We are change for the gooder of mankind.


Attacked U.S.A.


Attacked U.S.A.


Attacked U.S.A.


Attacked U.S.A.

In every one of these countries that we meddled in, because they attacked the U.S.A., and in turn, the U.S.A. turned into rubble, they are now filled with name your flavor of the day U.S.A. moderate Islamic Jihad Freedom Fighters, who in turn, have turned the rubble, into rubble. And thus, spreading Freedom around the globe.


By the grace of God, and our heavenly mandate, and in the name of His holy name, Democracy.

I wouldn’t be to sure of yourselves U.S.A.

“Russia and China have a common opponent who unites them.”

That China’s Xi, and Russia’s Putin, shat their pants, when penis pumper Trumper wasted 59 Cruise Missiles on a Syrian Airbase and dropped a GBU-43/B in Afghanistan.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi minced no words, warning war could erupt “at any moment” on the Korean peninsula. Whoever provokes it “must assume the historic responsibility and pay the corresponding price, he stressed, explaining dangerously escalating tensions during a press conference with his French counterpart, Jean-marc Ayrault.

“All three parties, North Korea, South Korea and the US, have direct responsibility – ­ the US in particular – for its recent military drills and aircraft carrier deployment” off Pyongyang’s coastline.

The U.S.A. penis pumper Trumper enablers reading comprehension, only see’s what it wants to see.

Rumor’s of War: Russia moving troops and anti-aircraft/missile batteries on border/Vladivostok-Primorye Territory with N. Korea.


Supposedly, NK’s Ballistic Missile test failed. Which was to be expected. Back to the drawing board. NK’s nuclear program still in full swing. U.S.A. Kabuki theater.

Just in: Penis pumper Trump’er used his 3D Jedi Mind Trick to down Kim’s expected Ballistic Missile failure. (Seriously, BM’s use solid fuel. It’s not something you just put together and… poof without the no-how and trial and error. As ours were.)

Seriously… look at all this N. Korea communist agitprop. Frikkin disgusting.


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