The Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake School of Foreign Policy

I said it right here:

Let’s see. We were fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Then the Taliban in Afghanistan. And then Thursday, we dropped a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb on ISIS in Afghanistan after a Green Beret was killed.

Then again, not everyone has the memory and attention span of a Goldfish. And, not everyone has their head firmly planted inside the globalist neocon anal orifice.

The answer to this question is because without moving to “caves” in Afghanistan, where the US incidentally has thousands of (mini) military bases as they do around the globe, the Trump administration would have to account for why ISIS is still around, thus making Trump look weak. Any reasonable and critical thinking can reason that to get rid of ISIS all you have to do is cut off their weapons, food, water and utility supplies.

Read the rest here: ISIS Script Shifts To Caves In Afghanistan – Longevity Now Guaranteed

In other news:

Israeli intelligence chief said Israel does not want ISIS to be defeated


It’s as if the whole dysfunctional Trump administration machine has become a prisoner of its non-stop duty to justify the Tomahawks-with-chocolate Commander-in-Chief’s about turns and blatant lies, whereas its previous strength derived from exposing the lies and the hypocrisy inbuilt in the US establishment/deep state nexus.

Defusing Trumpf


Ae-sop Neo-Cons in another “assessment” and his “expert opinion” jibber-jabber. Got that… “cupcakes?”

You don’t need the Lame Stream Media and official government intelligence network newspeak to fall back on for all of your Ae-sop neoconning, assessments, and expert opinions.

Or, how about:

All you need to know about ISIS-Al Qaeda-Al Nusra-Free Syrian Army?

How about:

U.S.A. Freedom Forces In Syria Strike Again

How about:

Syria + Sarin Gas?

I can provide multiple sources for those below “All you need to know about Syria”, but why bother? You can do the same too. If you are looking for the truth, rather than Ae-sopping Rah-Rah’ing and flag waving the Neo-Con angle… because “high-speed low-drag elite forces ninjas”. Reductio ad absurdum.

We can get into Ukraine too.

Or, we can just get straight to the ultimate objective right fucking… here.


And in other news:

“As a first step, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of large-scale U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercises,” Wang told a press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the National People’s Congress.

Now consider what the U.S. media don’t tell you about Korea

Remember how it was “fake news” in the USA… until it’s not?

And: Will Turkey decide if President Erdogan will become Sultan Erdogan?

Keep your eyes and ears on Damascus, the Sunni/Wahhabi Arab Coalition, and Turkey. And ultimately… Iran. Hint: Don’t do this with the attention span of a Goldfish. Or, yes… there are tomorrows.

Those damn communists at Lew Rockwell keep on communism’ing! Thank God for CFR H.R. McMaster!

CFR and the CIA? No?

WaPo, a subsidiary of the CIA, fails to inform you that penned pro-war-war articles are penned by a Raytheon lobbyist. MuriKa!

What we need here… is a good dose of “high-speed low-drag elite forces ninjas” to ninja us the REAL ninja truth!


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2 Responses to The Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake School of Foreign Policy

  1. Bibleater Bibleater says:

    A juxtaposition can be very instructive teaching tool, sort of a trail of crumbs, out of place. prompting to look deeper. We are being played:
    1. bomb #1- ISIS claps
    2. bomb #2- ISIS craps
    Continuing the crucifixion memorial
    1. crowd shouts “hallelujah” (save now) – week before
    2. crowd shouts “crucify him” – day before
    Same as it ever was

    • Curtis says:

      n psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values; when performing an action that contradicts one of those beliefs, ideas, or values; or when confronted with new information that contradicts one of the beliefs, ideas, and values.

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