Makes Perfect Sense Now – Lost In Blinky-Land

Ya have to laugh when Vox Popoli gets mad at ya, because his groupies are hanging so tight to the “God-Emperor’s” dick, that they actually have “hope” that the NK fiasco is going to be some kind of Black-Mailed Super Power Triad against N. Korea. Considering that we, the U.S.A., have been incessantly poking both in the eye for U.S.A. World Supremacy and World Martial Law for Democracy. Hell, he even called me a “doomer”.

Because… while it is to early to tell, China and Russia may be on our side, as they plow through the sea’s with their spy ships towards us to spy on help us! And,  it would appear, the Carl Vinson group, to be the most likely candidate for being a feint, while the real attack comes from somewhere, or even someone, else.

Too Many War-War Board Games and W. S. Lind.

I think what the problem is, that most of his readers only read anything that will tinkle their Trump, and/or, live on Vox’s blog and hangs on to his every word, rather than considering China’s and Russia’s real warnings of combat actions against the NK’s. Hell, they actually think the U.S.A. is going to black-mail China and/or Russia to intervene in NK… or the U.S.A. well blast NK into pieces… and you better watch out China and Russia.

I hope he can! I hope he can! Is not the real world.

You can rest assured that China and Russia will do whatever is in China’s and Russia’s best interest. And you can be assured, it will not be in the U.S.A.’s interest. Sure, it is possible the U.S.A. may have a Ticker-Tape parade for the “God-Emperor” in the near future, proclaiming his brilliant 3D Chess Mastery, because China and/or Russia made a temporary deal with NK to assuage soothe the U.S.A. swinging dick. But in the long run, China and Russia are not going to tuck tail and bow to the U.S.A.

A short-term gain is a poor excuse for a long game loss.

Of course, this all could just go the way of a Unicorn Rainbow Fart too.

Meanwhile, another feint: Russia Warns U.S. Not To Act Unilaterally Against North Korea.

By the way, there is a real regional “doomer” danger that things could turn… South, real quick. And NK does have the capabilities, besides the U.S.A. superiority over NK, to make the region a living hell for its occupants.

We’ll see how it plays out.

Personally, I think Trumpf made a big mistake in his decisive dick swinging so quick. Just to “scare” the natives and, or else.

I’m not a respecter of persons. And it is almost amusing to see the “God-like”, “God-Emperor” status, that Trump has over some people.  Vox Day warns us: But it does demonstrate why it’s probably best to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut when the God-Emperor does something you don’t understand. Vox day also warned us, before the “God Emperor” became America’s God: “Yet another warning about the risks created through the arrogant foolishness of the US playing globocop.”

Well then, thank God for the “God-Emperor-Globocop”!

Oh well… or is that Orwel… lian?

Sixteen years after 9/11, the U.S. remains in perpetual war against a tactic – aka the “war on terror” – bombing and invading sovereign countries with the unquestioning support of corporate media. In a truly Orwellian sense, America’s strongest Arab ally in the Middle Eastern rampage is Saudi Arabia, which also happens to be the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Let That Sink In: US is Bombing for a Country Getting Sued for $4 Billion for Their Role in 9/11

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