Or, America Puts The World Under International Martial Law.

Saker: Trump has lost control over the Pentagon

“While military commanders complained about White House micromanagement under former President Barack Obama, they are now being told they have more freedom to make decisions without consulting Mr. Trump. Military commanders around the world are being encouraged to stretch the limits of their existing authorities when needed, but to think seriously about the consequences of their decisions.”

“The more muscular military approach is expanding…”

“Mr. Mattis has sketched out such a global plan, but the administration has yet to agree on it. While the political debate continues, the military is being encouraged to take more aggressive steps … around the world.”

I personally believe the “God-Emperor” Trumpf is completely on board with this due to his and America’s unhealthy adulation of our military reminiscent of Nazi Germany, but just the opposite, of Hitlers micromanagement.

Meanwhile: Rage for Warmaking

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