But You Are Not A Muslim In U.S.A. MuriKa

In America, there is now a separate set of laws for Muslims and non-Muslims. Sharia in America. If a non-Muslim was armed to the teeth obscenely threatening Muslims with massive firepower at a mosque in their parking lot, he would be arrested, his face smeared across every newspaper and nightly news program across the country. This Muslim was not arrested or questioned.

Holding a Quran, Ehab Jabar is brandishing serious firepower while threatening the women and children at Christian conference. “Be afraid” or “be terrified.”

Brandon Howe, one of the conference organizers, called me with this story.

But, let’s spend Billions of USD’s antagonizing and threatening some two-bit dictator on the other side of earth, just to get the ongoing, typical, and expected rise out of him (works every time), every time U.S.A. MuriKa antagonizes and threatens him. And while U.S.A. MuriKa is at it, we can also threaten China with, “You better do something about it! Or we will! And you too, Russia!

U.S.A. MuriKa! It’s different this time! We have the “God-Emperor” for U.S.A. MuriKa Freedom! Winning fer freedom!


Richard Simmons hospitalized in California, battling severe indigestion

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