The above information is a matter of fact

But see, we plebes don’t understand the “God-Emperor” 3D Chess Ninja. It is our duty, and “best to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut when the God-Emperor does something you don’t understand.” Seriously. Because, well… the Emperor… he’s God-Emperoring!

As someone who supported Trump in the 2016 elections and even wrote a book about the most important election since George Washington, I am highly troubled by the facts presented here. This is not conjecture or theory, the above information is a matter of fact.

Why Trump has let his agenda falter is of no consequence at all

Let’s waste 59 Cruise Missiles on Syria, threaten N. Korea, China, and Russia, and drop a MOAB on Al Qaeda, er the Taliban, er the ISIS, yeah the ISIS, in Afghanistan! And… send not 1, not 2, but 3 AirCraft Carriers and supporting Combat Vessels to Korea! Wink-Wink.

SPRING: TRUMP APPROVAL 35 38 47 48 50%!

Well… when your flop is flopping, everything looks like a nail, so give them a hammer.

Buchanan: War Cries Drown Out ‘America First’

Donald Goes to Canossa

Update super-duper scary Russian news:

Russian Fighter Jets Intercept US-NATO Ground, Air, and Naval Combat Forces on Russia’s Borders.

Best comment:

It’s fascinating we can scramble fighter jets anywhere in the world instantly, but the greatest aerial defense system on the planet could not scramble a jet to intercept any of the 4 planes (or 3 planes and a rocket/missile) on 911. From the first report of a hijacking at 8:19 am until the last crash in PA at 10:07 am — almost TWO HOURS — no US fighters in the air.

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