Just sold under different packaging and marketing methods

Those individual ‘income’ taxes you voluntarily pay are for what is called transfer payments. That would be the exorbitant interest paid to the unconstitutional ‘Federal’ Reserve for basically renting our own money, UN dues and other foreign banking interests like the IMF which was allegedly created to fight global financial crisis’s, the World Bank, BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and others. That is a fact that should make every American sick to their soul. The fruits of our labor stolen from us to throw around the world for power and massive wealth.


Income = gains, profits, from capital, labor or both

Taxable = within the authority of the government to tax

Read it:


This is an actual case, and he prevailed.

And after you read it, you will no longer wonder how they FUCK the regular Joe’s and Suzy’s.

All Aboard!

The tax train.

And, in other news…


Who wants to be the first to make a double-dumb-ass comment on this graph?

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