Too Funny…

Lost about 75 percent of my Gab followers in the past day. New Gab header:

Seriously, it’s become a frikkin cult.

Has Trump found religion in the Oval Office?

President Donald Trump has increasingly infused references to God into his prepared remarks — calling on God to bless all the world after launching strikes in Syria, asking God to bless the newest Supreme Court justice, invoking the Lord to argue in favor of a war on opioids.

He’s also taken other steps to further cultivate a Christian right that helped elect him, granting new levels of access to Christian media and pushing socially conservative positions that don’t appear to come naturally to him.

My God, who art in my heaven, hollowed be my name, mine will be done in earth, and so it be in heaven. God bless the spread of U.S.A. democracy throughout our world by meddling, regime change, and dropping peace bombs, bigly on people. And God bless George Bush too. And Saudi Arabia. And Jared. And cut the devil some slack as U.S.A. Bigly creates a NWO. And thank you for the cult goggles on my supporters. Amen to U.S.A. and Me. Don’t get in our way God.

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9 Responses to Too Funny…

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    75% ? Touchy, eh?
    I’m hoping he’s underestimated by everyone, but I wouldn’t bet the farm.

    • Curtis says:

      Yeah. Something like that. I hope you’re right, but if the past is of any indicator, I wouldn’t bet the farm either.

      I guess the MAGA Trump rule on Gab is, “Do not second guess or question the “God-Emperor.”

      • mobiuswolf says:

        Oh well, their focus is triggering progs, so they’re pushing an appropriate narrative. United front and all that.
        They’ve had the enemy engaged since gamergate.

        • Curtis says:

          Engaging the gamers! Freedom and liberty just ahead!

          Meanwhile, government is amused, yawns, walks away, laughing.

          • mobiuswolf says:

            lol limited battlefields
            separate battles It’s all good.
            You cut through the fog, not everyone is cut out for that.

            Honestly, I think the freedom and liberty just ahead will include defending yourself from gangs of looters and cannibals.
            That will be the fight to win.

            • Curtis says:

              I think the U.S.A. will go the way of a “has been”. And then, as you say, gangs of looters and cannibals. Every empire gets its ass spanked sooner or later. And every empire had no one to blame, but themselves.

              • mobiuswolf says:

                Are you out in the desert? Got Water?
                We’re so far in the locals say, “Why the hell you want to be way in there?”
                Different scale up here, of course. We looked out there. I liked it, but it would have been too hot.

                • Curtis says:

                  All set out in the desert. I love the desert. Not to many people do, not even many of those who actually live in the desert… never leaving their confines to actually go out into the desert.

                  • mobiuswolf says:

                    I hear that. They put all their houses right on the road, here. The only people that go in the woods are loggers and hunters. Well, the ones that drive through on various atvs, too. I hardly ever leave them.
                    Dream come true really.
                    born to hermit
                    I loved the desert too. really wild.
                    The scale is much more manageable here. I’ve got a river, stream, mountain( 2100 :o) they call it one) swamp beaver pond, etc
                    all on one little patch.

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